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Here are the reasons why we should plant trees without delay and the benefits they will bring for future generations:

  • Trees strengthen resilience against natural disasters: Trees are powerful allies in adapting to global changes by protecting us from strong winds, tropical storms, and stabilizing steep slopes to reduce the risk of landslides.

  • Trees provide a natural solution to combat climate change: A tree living up to 100 years in a typical Canadian forest can sequester between 370 and 460 kg of CO2 over its lifetime. For comparison, this is equivalent to the amount of carbon emitted by a small car over 850 km.

  • Trees contribute to our happiness and health: Walking in the forest can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost energy, lower cortisol levels, and strengthen our ability to cope with stress.

  • Trees strengthen human bonds: Trees witness the ordinary and extraordinary events of our daily lives. By planting trees today, we must remember that they will become landmarks of tomorrow, so we must choose their location carefully.

  • Trees are timeless: Although most urban trees have a lifespan of about 80 years, it is estimated that the oldest tree in Canada is 2,500 to 3,000 years old. A tree planted today will become a symbol of tomorrow!

  • Trees are a source of food for all living beings on our planet: Many fruits and nuts grow on trees: apple, maple nut, cherry, serviceberry, walnut, hickory nut, hazelnut, chestnut, ash nut, and many more. 

  • Trees provide shelter: By offering urban habitats for wildlife, they allow humans to observe and appreciate the many animals around them.

What motivates you to plant trees?

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